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The Importance Of MySQL Database Migration

Strangely, while many people can ill afford to lose their data on their computers, many people do not take the time to do any backup of this data. This applies mainly to people who work from home. Many companies do have backups in place and the boss will generally enforce that the staff members carry this out. For those who are now realizing the importance of this, they will need to find out about MySQL database...


MySQL Database Repair Post "Table Is Crashed And Last Repair Failed" Error

Unexpected shutdown is one of the most common reasons of database corruption. What happens in an improper shutdown is that all your database operations are left in between, which further leaves the database in unstable state. And since the database is in unstable state, it refuses to mount, further resulting into inaccessibility of all the database records. To surpass such MySQL database corruption situations, it...


MySQL Database Repair

MySQL is the most widely used RDBMS in lieu of its low cost & important features which include support for number of platforms, creation and modification of tables, and their efficient management. MySQL is widely known for its stability but chances of the database being corrupted are probable. Any error in database can prove a major threat to the organization using MySQL for storing data. Today MySQL is in use...